Can't Revive Teammate's Anymore


As the title states, i can no longer go up to a teammate that is down and have the option to revive them by pressing O (PS4). I noticed the issue when I was around level 38-39, I’m now 40 and the only way I can bring a member back is by using Lazarus device or healing the person until thier health fills up all the way. Is this some type of advance curve that high levels can’t use revive anymore or did I screw a setting up? When through all my settings and can’t see anything that stands out. I tried playing on a different PS4 profile and revive works for that level 1 profile, somethings gotta give… Any help is appreciated, thanks much.


You’d have to ask 2K. No one here can help you, as far as I’m aware.


@Rapterror is correct, your best bet is reaching out to 2k customer service.


Can’t say I’ve ever seen this issue before.

Say, did you remap the buttons at all?


Nope, buttons have been default since day 1. I’ll try contacting 2k, i feel like they won’t help much, especially since turtle pulled the plug on this awesome game… Thanks for the suggestions though .


Square is Re-vive on default button layout, so if your pressing O that may be the issue.


May I ask, just out of curiosity, where you got the information that Turtle Rock Studios (supposedly) “pulled the plug”?

Because as far as I’m aware, both the announcement made in the 2K Blog AND the announcement by Chris Ashton (co-founder of TRS) showed that TRS was simply not allowed to work on the game anymore. 2K Games (their publisher) was the one that decided it was better to end development because (in their view) the game is considered complete.

As for the reason why I am pointing this out is because things like “turtle pulled the plug” is first of all incorrect, but secondly creates negative publicity making TRS appearance not look good, for no reason or fault of their own.

Turtle Rock Studios is a development team unlike any I have ever seen, people who want the best for their players and have the mindset of a true gamer. I hope you stick around here long enough so you can see and confirm this for yourself as well.

That being said. I welcome you on these forums and hope you will have a great time here :slight_smile:


2K pulled the plug not trs. Unless you meant to say 2k and not turtle.

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Apologies to everyone, as far as the pulling the plug comment. When I read that turtle would no longer support and update Evolve that was my understanding of letting the game go and handing off to 2k. It’s not that TRS is horrible for doing so, just nature of the business… I think it’s great that the servers are still up thanks to 2k. Hoping the servers remain up for as long as possible. Either way, I wasn’t trying to bash TRS and deter from my initial inquiry regarding the revive issue. I used to be able to go up to a player and a prompt to revive would pop up by the player, I could have sworn the button was O, I went into the game options and reset the text help and went into my next battle, once my teammate was down in saw a prompt from a distance saying “revive with square”. Saw someone post above saying revive was always square on default controls, thanks for your help. I should pay more attention :sweat:


You must not have read the truth then, since 2K yanked TRS from the project while they still were dying to work on it and make it into something amazing.

I am glad you got it fixed now though, because not being able to revive would be a huge killer.


In the heat of battle it’s hard to notice the little things! I’m just glad it got sorted out, and you can go back to playing without worry!!!


If it makes you feel any better, I have all of the concept art for everything unreleased, including new monsters and Kala’s, Bucket’s, and Slim’s adaptations. I also have a decent sum of knowledge regarding unreleased characters. If you’d like, I could post it here.