Can't Rejoin Matches

I just game back to Evolve again after months of not playing. So I played a couple of games as monster, I’m in my qualifiers and was winning almost all my games. Then I was butchering a team as :wraith: then BAM, game freezes and I Evolve crashes. This has happened twice whilst winning and now I think I will get put in a bad tier because of it. Some people like getting put in a bad tier so that they can win. But I want a challenge and I don’t know how hard it is to rank up. I feel bad for the hunters that got put in bronze then have to fight me if I was meant to be in a better tier, because so far I have had to trouble beating bronze teams. Pretty sure it’s not my internet because all my other games run fine without crashing. And I can’t even rejoin the match once I have left. :cry:

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Don’t worry, keep playing and you’ll start meeting those high level silver premades teams soon enough :wink:

Looking forward to it?! :cold_sweat: