Can't Purchase Skins on PC


I’m trying to purchase the Cosmic Skins and Jade but when I click Purchase it opens up the main Steam Store page with nothing Evolve related on it.

What gives?

EDIT: I also still don’t have my Voodoo Skin for Wraith. :confused:


I also cannot purchase the cosmic skins bundle. I am able to purchase the cosmic skins one a time (which I’d rather not do). I’ll wait until this bundle is working I think.


I’m having the same problem as the OP with the in-gme store. I also haven’t received by Voodoo Wraith skin. I played in a few games with Wraith and Hyde over the HvW challenge weekend.


Hey guys,

Do you have any funds on your Steam Wallet?


I have over $15 in my steam wallet.


My solution has been to buy the Evolve DLC through Steam but the Cosmic Monster Skin Bundle isn’t listed on the Steam DLC page, only in the in-game store.


Do you have Steam Overlay in-game enabled?


I do have the Steam overlay active.


The Cosmic Monster Skin Bundle is on the Steam store now so I just purchased the bundled. Skins look good.