Can't pull up the mini maps at the start of the match

I think it only happens on Armory and Fusion Plant, but the mini map will not at the start of the game. I have to wait until the camera stops moving and the monster is done eating before it works.

I’m on PS4 be the way.


EDIT: need to add Distillery to the list of maps

i’ve had this issue before too (PC). however, i just considered it a minor bug since it only happened on a rare occasion. dont know which maps or anything are specific to it though.

Its just a extremely minor thing to where it doesnt bother me.

Yeah it’s small and I really don’t expect this one to get taken care of anytime soon, if at all.

Just wanted to let them know.


Yeah…I feel bad now…


yea. one thing i do if i keep an image of all the minimaps on my phone and when i see the map name i look at which map it is then choose my monster accordingly. also gives me a before game look as to which way to go.

That’s all in my head, I know ever map by name.

what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Two is plural, it needs to be the word too to say “Also”

lol. I’m aware. Just a bad spelling habit.

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