Can't Pre-Load


Nothing more to say. While the steam-shop keeps saying me, Evolve is in my library, it isn’t there. Also there is no active download, if someone wants to ask. Is there anyone else, having that problem?
I’m from germany, so the european region.
I bought the master race some month ago and I’m 100% shure I bought it correctly and finished the purchase

Well no, it isn’t.


What region are you in? It means nothing to me personally but it might help people who know things


If so it should be in your library and it should have an option to “Pre-load” instead of play. Can you screenshot your library and show me what you see?


I’m not going to rage around like some others by having problems, I’m just curious :smiley:


Everything added ^^


Okay I gotcha.

I have heard of a bug like this with steam before, and the game doesn’t show until it is officially released. Thing is, the game will do this weird thing where it preloads in your depotcache, but doesn’t even show in downloads at all.


Well, Europe isn’t getting it for another 25 minutes or so. So maybe it’ll show up when it’s ready?


Step 1) Try use the search function in your library. Sometimes that help
Step 2) Still nothing? Try to restart steam.
Step 3) Panic!!!


Restarting steam and logging out and back in entirely is suggested for sure…


Go to your steam folder and delete ClientRegistry.blob, then start up your steam and see if that works.


I know from a friend that he actually pre-downloaded 20 hours ago. (Not exactly but he wrote in the early morning before school)


And my Pc is not going to explode? Ok…


It shouldn’t lol


Of course I tried the “turning off and on again” thing but still nothing


Could you try searching for Evolve in your Library? top left there should be a search option


If nothing works, try logging out and logging back in, sometimes that works.


goto the selection bar near your libarys search function and select Games(amount)/Spiele(menge) then use the search function to search for it


Let me roughly translate it. Ahem: “LOL fukn No0b it’s not there faggt. Look for something else, bitch!”


hmmmmmmmmm.Maybe since its bugged you need to wait for it to release?Also where did you buy it from?


lol, will you do me a favor and go to steam folder, and check the steam aps folder, and tell me what the filesize of your “depotcache” folder is, or maybe if there are any files in there and what size?
I think I know what happened.