Can't pre load need help on the Ps4


I pre ordered evolve on digital and I got the pre download setting on and it hasn’t started downloading and I have heard people are already downloading it it doesn’t even give me a download option is it time zone difference cause I’m central time also it’s on the ps4


Try restarting Steam. Multiple times. It usually works for me. Then check your internet, connection, download server (in steam settings) and try. Good luck.


Sorry forgot to mention got it on ps4


But thanks anyway


In that case I can;t help, I’m afraid. Perhaps get some of the forums PS4 users? Brandini is one.


Look closer. The predownload setting clearly states that it will start on 09.02.2015. You can’t download it earlier than that.


Yea, no need to say it like that though.


I think he meant to say “Look closer” not “loser.” I did that once.
@Seitenwerk I assume that is what you meant, right? Perhaps edit it?


Oh my… Sorry didn’t see that typo until your replies got in via mail.


Weird, mine says it starts today (8th), but didn’t start last time I checked. That was at 2 am though.


Ya it says it starts today


For me it says the 9th as well but Sony did took that money though.


Guys add me on ps4 mines not working either says the 8th tho…psn. Str8_monster_x


Not sure if this is true or not, but i read somewhere the the main game is gonna use the same files ad the beta. So maybe its just cause you have those still installed? This could be totally wrong so don’t take my word on it


I’ve deleted the beta/technical test files and the preload didn’t start yet.


I’m sure it will start to preload sometime today, but if not it will tomorrow. We’re all excited about the game but don’t let it give you anxiety. After the 10th we can all play Evolve for as long as we’d like.


True thanks that actually helped