Can't post on facebook page!

welp I was able to create a new post but it won’t let me edit this one and I don’t see a delete button anywhere

If it told you that your body was invalid when you had all caps it doesn’t particularly like that and will tell you the body is invalid.

Try trimming the post down and removing the all caps.

Ok I’ll try again.

Does the Post thing not show up for you on the evolve facebook page? It might be a delay after liking it or something or you might need to refresh.

looks like I edited it lol

Yea that does not show up. It shows up on practically all other pages except this one. I can’t even reply to other peoples posts or anything. Very frustrating when I want to ask a question on there but I guess I can just ask it here.

Was wondering how do I choose the Meteor Goliath? I’ve been playing the Behemoth all weekend since it’s the first time I’ve been able to play it (never bought it) and that thing is pretty OP. I won 20 matches in a row with the Behemoth. I’m gonna buy him for 6 bucks later this week. But one time tonight I joined a match and I went afk and when I came back the thing had picked Meteor Goliath for me by default and I liked playing with it. I tried to find him manually and he wasn’t there. No clue why, he’s supposed to be available.

you wanna be a tiger? tigers are the shit and my favorite animal! They legs are so powerful that they can crack a bears skull or break its back with one swipe. They can even stand on their legs when they themselves are dead. And their urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn!

I just checked and he seems to not be in my choices but he was right after goliath in the monster choosing screen not sure what exactly happened might have been an accident that he got removed they said MG is going to be free