Can't play via family share

Hello dev-team,

my brother owned the OG Evolve and now updated to Stage 2.
Now and then, I’ve been using it via Steam family share, and it worked quite well with the legacy version. But I can’t launch the game with the update now.
Everytime I click on play with my acc, I’m getting forwarded to the store page. From there I can press Play - a window
appears and says, that it’s looking for updates, then it’s disappearing again, leaving me on the store page, and the circle continues. It tells me that I have the game in my library, but can’t launch it due to that bug.

When I delete the family share, I can get it via the store myself,
start it, but my saves are gone. No founder’s content and no stats, 500+ gaming hours gone.

I’ve want to play the game with my stats and with founder’s content
of course, doesn’t matter if it is through family share or not.

Any ideas?

Please read this article about not having Founder Status as a Founder:

There’s also a section about Family Share!