Can't play tier 4 in single player?


Thought they said everything would be available in sp, had to pay to play in mp


Sorry, they confirmed that you can play against them in single player.

Edit: But if you have a buddy you can do some workarounds to play them without paying


Multiplayer will allow you to hotswap if someone who has the DLC drops out of the game. Or if you join a game late and the spot you get was previously occupied by someone using a DLC character, you will be able to sample that DLC character for that match.

Just to clarify things here. In Solo you can play AGAINST the DLC characters without owning them. If you are a Hunter, you will not be able to set the other Hunter bots to DLC characters unless you own them, but you will be able to set the AI monster to be Behemoth. If you are Monster you will be able to set all of the Hunters to be DLC characters even if you don’t own the DLC.


Link to this?


Oops should have read the other comments first :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go - How to Try New Hunters Free