Cant Play the game


Is anyone else having trouble playing the game? When I try to play it says “do you own this game or app?”


That’s an Xbox One issue.

Put the disc in if you have a physical copy. Or you need to sign into Live.


I have it downloaded, and I am signed in. I have been talking with xbox support and after 2 hours of them going in circles, they sent me here.


Yea, but that’s an XBox operating system issue, doesn’t have to do with the game itself. I mean maybe someone here can help you but I doubt it.


Thanks 2K and their genius team…


Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it? Or hard resetting the XB1 by holding the power button down until it powers off?


yea I finally figured it out with xbox they are giving me a refund and I will just buy it again