Can't play T4 hunters because matchmaker assigns me as monster 9/10 times


I spent $25 on DLC that for the most part I cannot play without grouping with a friend; the matchmaker is assigning me as monster 9/10 times. I shouldn’t have to add strangers to my Steam Friends List to compensate. I shouldn’t be at the mercy of my friends’ interests/schedule in order to play the DLC I just purchased.

The matchmaker situation for PUGs was already infuriating; keeping me arms length from the DLC I purchased is insult to injury. Extra salt in the wound: presumably I’m earning losses when I DC from games where I’m assigned the monster AI slot.

This game is a ton of fun when I have at least 1 friend to group with. It’s maddening otherwise.


If i would get monster 9 out of 10 times, i would be soooo happy.


Matchmaking technically doesn’t assign you as a monster. Matchmaking just puts you in the first match around your level regardless of your preferences.

Have you tried completing one of those monster matches, if you get to character select the game will take your preferences into account. I play on PC as well and I haven’t had too much issues (still sucks that I get monster half of the time even though it’s on spot 5 but that’s just a result of the joke called matchmaking)



Yup. That’s the common response I’ve read here and on Reddit. On paper it seems sound. In practice it doesn’t hold up.

I understand there’s a “tragedy of the commons” type situation if people don’t take their turn as monster. However, it’s more “Prisoners’ Dillema” if I’m the schmuck who does his duty and takes a round as monster.

1a. Round as monster
2a. Discover I’ve been matched against a pre-made and I’ve wasted time I could have spent finding a PUG group

1b. Round as monster
2b. Round as hunter
3b. Round as monster. Discover I’m against a group of three. 50% matches as monster isn’t fun for me. Sometimes this happens in PUGs when nobody is grouped. But I have to slog through another round as Monster to determine if that’s what happened, or it’s a clever premade lying to me to keep me around longer.

1c. Ask “is this a group/premade?”
2c. Stick around if it isn’t a premade
3c. Round as monster
4c. Round as monster. Discover I was lied to.

1d. Ask “is this a group/premade?”
2d. Told “two of us are grouped”. Monster 1/3rd of the time is tolerable.
3d. Round as monster.
4d. one or both ungrouped players disconnects.
5d. Odds >50% that I’ll be assigned monster again next round. If I hang around waiting for players to fill, on balance I’ll be monster >1/3rd of the time.

Escaping this cycle is damn near impossible without grouping. Matchmaker consistently puts you back in games you just left, even after making you sit in the corner by yourself for 1 minute.

If you prefer to play as hunter the only way to reliably achieve this is to group up. The experience of remaining ungrouped is infuriating enough to set up a negative feedback loop. Grouping with people you wouldn’t otherwise friend is common so the pool of ungrouped players is diminished. Abandoning lobbies instead of taking your turn as monster is common, though presumably doing so exposes that player to the same issues I outlined above.

I don’t care to add strangers to my Steam Friend List just to work around this issue. This means my experience of the new DLC (other than being pounded to a pulp by the T4 hunters) is contingent on my genuine friends’ schedules and their interest in playing Evolve. I think it’s reasonable to be a little miffed that I can’t reliably experience content I paid $25 for.


I do agree with you, it sucks being put as the monster so often even if you don’t want to play it.

I lose nearly every match as a monster and it’s simply no longer fun to me (before people tell me to “get good”: you can’t get good by being stomped all day and I already stomp the AI in solo mode with ease)


This either corrected itself or matchmaker was updated. I’m guessing a bunch of premade groups showed up for the DLC and/or I was playing more during prime time then my usual late night and early morning. Or it was a temporary anomaly.

Also fitting that I should be careful what I wish for. Once I did start getting a hunter slot in random PUGs there were some pretty atrocious teams. Enough that I switched my preference to Monster and got some of my first monster wins in a long time (I’m a pretty mediocre monster player).

C’est la vie.