Can't play monster


My game will get to around 1:13as monster only then it lags me out


Hello! :slight_smile: Nice to meet you, my name is Shane. I will look into this for you! I just need a little more information:

What platform are you on when this occurs?
Is it when you are playing as any monster?
Is there an error code that it gives you when this happens?
Does the entire game crash, or does it only lose connection to server?

Any extra info you can give me would be super helpful.
Thank you!


Y… you’re new… oh right! they were looking for a community coordinator a while back! guess that means i didn’t get the job. :frowning:

But congrats on getting it yourself! Good seeing new devs here. :smile:

(if i’m wrong and you’ve been working there for years then my bad… but still nice to see a new face on the forums. :smile:)


Hello! Yes! I haven’t been openly introduced at this time! Sooooonnn. Haha

Thank you very much for your support! :grin:

I was a lurker before now. :sweat_smile: I look forward to engaging with everyone on the forums! Everyone has been quite friendly so far. :blush: