Can't play monster with friend / Matchmaking bugged


I can’t play monster with friends exept with buggy bots. (I dont have 4 friends who paid 150$ for a half finished game)
Half the time I start a game we get put in an already started game OR it starts with only 2 persons.
The bots are buggued and stand next to you doing nothing if you stop moving to scout or something.


The matchmaking isn’t bugged, it has been like this since release and is intentional. You will need to play custom games to play monster with friends.
If you don’t have the numbers for a full game maybe you can add people from the forum? There are plenty of people looking for others to play with so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding anyone. :smile:


Yea go play monster online with friend so he can help you win, god i hate kids who do this in online games


No he won’t, no one would ever grief like that since people would just leave instantly and no one likes boring games


Just my view on it the few times I’ve been forced monster with my friends its unfair to them since i know how they play and can counter them easily and vice versa,plus since mostly were on Skype it ruins our conversation for the game since any tidbit of talk could give anyone’s position away


It’s just a game…


I play evolve with friends as a group of 3 90% of the time so when friends join our game and one of them is monster we have seen the hunter on our team do nothing the entire game and if they have the role of medic/trapper you can basically say goodbye to the win, and i play for fun so that ruins it