Can't play monster when in a party


So this has been in the game since the alpha, I think it’s time too change it. I really want to play as a monster in a party because I can’t find local games anymore. If I find a random that’s local I could invite him but then I can’t play monster if I don’t invite him I can’t play monster because it’s not local if you don’t put in local search options make it so that I can play as monster when I invite locals when I manage to find one. I understand people will boost but will you stop people’s fun just because some idiots will boost on a leader board that does not mean anything it’s not like they get payed for being number one I don’t give a shit about the leader board if people boost reset them please put this in or not this might be another pointless post because theirs so many people demanding things now the chances if you reading this are little and tiny for you too change anything after reading this.


Well I have hope that when they make a ranked mode, that they will change to let us play monster in party while in just the regular skirmish.


This has been posted a lot, but nothing is ever done about it. Sad times


When does that come out?


No word yet. We have no idea what anything will be like with ranked. what I said is just what I hope happens when it finally comes out.


It’s not bothered me, since I tend not to play monster. : /