Can't play Kraken anymore, just too easy


Squid face is my favorite Monster, to be sure. However, until his vertical movement is affected by crowd control, playing both as and against is simply not fun. Before the big patch, he dropped like a rock, which was equally bad, and now his vertical space is seemingly immune. TRS needs to find some middle ground on the speed of his descent when hit with harpoons & stasis. I would like to see such a fix also come with a walking speed buff.



Walking speed buff?





Agreed. Kraken used to be my main but since the patch I can’t bring myself to play him, it’s literally impossible to lose. So now I main Behemoth and Goliath =D



That’s how I feel about Goliath, it gets boring winning all the time



Yah he was my forever fav but he’s just so broken just stopped playing him. Miss him.



Kraken needs to just drop to the ground when he’s hit by CC. If you make him slowly glide to the ground, then he will just air burst out of it. It’s always been insane how long Kraken can just fly around, you need to be able to bring him to the ground. His win percentage was great before he was patched, he didn’t need any changes to how CC works on him. If his flight speed isn’t affected, that’s fine, but bring him to the ground - or his flying is just an unfair advantage that negates 80% of Hunter weapons and makes aiming difficult in a way that no other Monster shares. If you can’t counter that (like now) he’s just kind of absurd.

Bad Monster players will still lose with him, and great Hunter teams will still kill decent Monster players, but we can’t balance this game around the experience of legitimately awful players. Kraken did not need any more special advantages - he was the most used in tournaments BEFORE the patch. We don’t need to find a happy medium between vastly OP and mostly OP, we need to make him balanced to fight - so CC needs to take him to the ground where he can be damaged. He can just air burst back up as soon as he has stamina anyway.

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I don’t even feel like I need to work for the win when I play Kraken. Unless I’m getting footage for a video, I’ve stopped using him. Winning isn’t satisfying when you know you’re playing something that is broken.

Behemoth, on the other hand, is really fun right now.

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I feel Behemoth is really close to being really balanced beside some of his abilities being buggy and unreliable sometimes. What do you think?

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Very close, yes. He has extremely strong combo ability that might even feel unfair to Hunters sometimes, but he pays for it in mobility. To me he has a decent skill floor with a very high skill ceiling simply because his positioning is 50 times more important than other Monsters. Once they fix his ability to tumble-lock Hunters and remove the stamina penalty for traversal he will be in a very good spot.



Gt IAU MURDER. Krakens who cant lose i would love to play you all. My team needs practice against good krakens. Just message or leave your gt here.



Kraken is so much fun to play, but people are right: its your game to lose. I once got dumped into a game in progress as Kraken, who was just domed, and proceeded to put up a good fight and got quite a few strikes before running off to get armor again; all the while I realized just at the end: “Am I still stage 1?”, which I was. The AI had just barely gotten its armor up when it was domed just a minute or two into the match where I picked up, and fought like I was stage 2 simply because I could. Now, you have to take this with a bit of consideration: I can also put up a really good fight as a stage 1 Goliath as well with the same results, the difference here being that as Kraken I was dropped blindly into mid-battle without a clue what abilities or perks I had or the hunters I was up against.



My gt is mikedog6000 on xbox live. We are currently looking to recruit a kraken player for our main monster in the esl Evolve proving grounds.

message/comment your gt here if your interested in trying out for my team’s monster spot and I’ll invite you ingame.



I want to play Evolve so badly since my PC is getting repaired right now. Maybe by the time I get it the new patch will be out :slight_smile:



I completely agree. The kraken is cheese right now



That’s how I feel about Wraith right now. I almost feel bad how bad I can destroy most teams even at Stage 1 now. Hit & Run for the win. But Kraken needs to be nerfed too. :confused:



Wraith is not op she just feels strong against random Hunter teams that aren’t very good just like all the other monsters.



Yeah, they are shooting for next week, so let’s hope so! New patch looks extremely good for the balance of the game. Not sure if Kraken will be fixed with this upcoming one or not, but at least they are changing things like wildlife buffs, Sunny, Val, etc.



I fully agree, Kraken’s flight can only be balanced if yanking him down is possible.