Can't play evolve still unlocked


Has any had the issue of not being able to play the game on Steam because it says that it is unreleased? My copy is still encrypted and won’t let me play. I’ve reached out to 2k for support but haven’t received an answer yet. Maybe the turtle rock side of the house can help me?


that because there company is joke they haven’t replied to me either can’t even run the game keep crashing freezing ! i’m playing Atila totally war on full specs and no problems there i want my money back !


Are you in japan? I think that’s the only place it hasn’t been released yet


So you played it yesterday and today it says not released? Thats weird.


Okay let me clarify. I bought the PS4 and PC versions of the game. The PS4 version works fine but the PC version on steam is the what is saying that it’s not released yet. I’m stationed at a military base in Japan, but I purchased it using the American Steam. That’s why I’m confused as to why it doesn’t work. Maybe it sees my IP and uses that to determine that I can’t play the game.