Can't play Evolve online


I have been able to play Evolve since it came out, but since the release of an update about a month or two ago, I have not been able to find a single game. It just shows that it’s searching for other players with the red loading spinning circle thing. I’ve let it sit for an hour once and nothing. I’m pretty mad because I’ve spent a lot on this game and I can’t even play it…


What is your player level?


I’m level 23. Sorry I was at work.


Unfortunate player availability in that level range is the likely culprit, but I could be wrong. Tagging one of the higher names to see if we can get some feedback, but he gets tagged A LOT so it might get burried.

I know they are working on a new match making system to alleviate some problems. Hoping for a release soon, but not sure what’s included in the big update coming in 2 weeks.

@MacMan Will the new ranked system in development have any impact on this? To add to this, I started a fresh account at lvl 1 and having sparse players as well. Most ever seen was 2 players and rest bots, but usually its vs 1 player and 4 bots. Hoping yall are taking this into consideration while working on the new matchmaking system.