Can't play Evolve on win 10-went thru the threads.. nothing helps (Resolved)


Okay, so before someone tells me to look at the other threads, I have already looked at the other threads and the solutions given do not work for me. I have tried verifying the cache, reinstalling c++, reinstalling Evolve, doing a clean install of win 10, updating my drivers, turning off my firewall, deleting all content of evolve then reinstalling… None of it has made a difference. When I launch evolve, the game starts up but the whole intro is choppy due to low fps… around 10 fps and it fluctuates to less than 10 fps… This continues in the menu too and never leaves. I basically cannot play the game at all, and my only option seems to be to revert back to windows 7, but for some reason my PC will not use my system image and back up from my external drive and I can’t find my windows 7 disc. I have no idea what to do to get Evolve to work… I can’t even find a thread with the same problem. All the other threads seem to be about the network adapter or game not launching at all… On a side note, if I open the task manager I can hear the game running and it seems to run fine but I can’t play it with the task manager open and every time I close the task manager the game returns to be choppy and distorted. Changing to windowed or borderless has no effect either. Can someone who uses windows 10 to play evolve help?

PC Specs: i5 4590 3.30 ghz
gtx 970
8gb ram
windows 10 (windows 7 prior)


What are your PC spec’s?

I play on Windows 10 without any issue. I assume you were able to play before and this is a recent issue?


if you can post your computer specs that may help people who may be able to help. all we know is PC, windows 10, low framerate, updated drivers, and no firewall.



Post has been edited with the specs


Correct, Evolve was playing fine on windows 7, steady 60 fps… Tried windows 10 and it just messed it up.


How long has it been since you upgraded?


3 days. I no longer have thee previous files that were saved because I figured I wouldn’t need them. However, everything was backed up on an external drive but it’s letting me use it to restore back to another system image.


Did you try this?


yes. Windows 10 saved the last system files, but the problem is I thought I would n’t have to revert back… so I deleted them to clear up my SSD, which I shouldn’t have but I did.


Shoot. Do you have your W7 key by chance?


It’s somewhere lost in the apartment. Tried finding it today to no avail… I don’t get why all the proposed fixes in the other threads don’t work for me. Might have to give up Evolve or buy another windows 7 if I can’t find mine.


Have you contacted Microsoft support? That is where I would start, they can jump on your machine and try to either revert you back or diagnose the problem.


Not yet. Guess I’ll have to do that


Try that first, let’s see what they say and we can go from there.


My mom found my win 7 disk so I am going to try to revert back. I like win 7 better anyways.


Good luck! Be sure to let us know if it worked.


After many hours of frustration I finally got rid of windows 10 and reverted to 7. Slowly restoring my files now. Hopefully Evolve goes back to how it was. Dying light and Evolve are the only two games I really play, so Evolve not working just left me with Dying light. My $1000 computer felt useless. Ha.


Evolve is working fine on Windows 7. Win 10 just sucks. At least for me. Ha


Well that’s confusing but I’m glad you got everything working again!