Cant play evolve multiplayer. PS4


hey there. every-time i try to play evolve it keeps saying that i must be signed in to the PSN network even though i know i am online. i even tried to delet my saved data and then put back in my own data but still not happening.

any idea how to fix this?

PS4 - Sign in to psn issue - SOLVED

Having the same issue after the patch instal.


Anyone able to help?



maybe it helps you.

Turtle Rock Support said open Ports can fix the Problem or to change the NAT Type to Nat Type 1. But my Friend has a IPV6 Internet Connection an the Port Trigger on his Router does not work! He is also not able to put his PS4 in the DMZ because of IPV6.

My friend is in conntact with his Internet Service Provider. It Looks like that the Problem is related to an update that they made at his router. After this update he was not able to Play Evolve online! I hope it will work!

Report this bug to Turtle Rock…maybe it helps to solve the Problem…


I am having the same issue, I can see that its not entirely Turtle rocks fault after doing a lot of research, but the problem is they have to understand that most people who play consoles play them because its a plug in and play deal, they don’t want the technical complications of a PC.

Destiny works on my PS along with a host of other games, it just seems to be Evolve that wont work anymore and it needs to be fixed.

Apparently the update on the router allows for better connection for more I.P addresses due to people buying more and most phones that want to connect to the net. Apparently Microsoft don’t have this issue as they have updated to system IPV6, its just Sony who haven’t and is why we are having these problems.

I really am thinking of changing over to Xbox one after this a catalogue of BullS**T from Sony.


Hi Jason,

but he was able to play before they updated the Router Firmware and he had an IPV6 Connection before the Update. He had Problems in other Games too but he is able to Play them Online. At GTA 5 Online the Game is not able to save the Online Save Game to the Rockstar Server.

I think the Problem is the Router Firmware. It has a bug and the Internet Provider knows it because many People are reporting Issues after they updated the Firmware.


Another Friend of me has the same ISP and the same router and the same Problems. He is also not able to Play Evolve Online and Diablo.


Same issues just on evolve. Says I need to log into psn. Help turtle!!!


So is there anything that i can do on my end to fix this?


What internet provider do people use, mine is BT, maybe theres something in this.


Xfinity/comcast here. i never had this issue until the last patch.


Getting the same issue saying that I need to sign in to PSN to be able to play the multiplayer. Kinda sucks not getting any issues with any other game.


Any updates on this matter? I’m in the same boat


Nothing new about this Problem. The ISP says ist a Sony related Problem but that is not true because of the fact that everthing works before they Update the Router Software!

The Only News i have is that another friend has exactly the same Problem. He has the same ISP and the same Router.

Another Point is that when we connect the PS4 about an Mobile Smartphone WLAN Hotspot and using the Mobile Internet Connecting fo the Smartphone everything in Evolve and in Diablo works. We are able to Play Multiplayer in both Games!


So today I have tested every thing opened the ports and checked my nat type and I still cant access online game play. I logged a ticket a few days ago and Im still waiting to hear some thing back. Really annoyed as Im not having any problems with any other online game play just Evolve cant help but feel that I have wasted £45 on a game that I cant play.


For a test :Try to put your PS4 in the DMZ if possible. But thats not really save!

Try to Change your Nat Type to 1.

That was the main two Points of the Answers that we received from TRS! But the Problem my Friends have is a Problem related to the ISP.


Why havent 2k commented or assisted with this issue?


logged a ticket fives days ago still no answer.


Downside to this issue is that we wont be able to claim a full refund, when the game doesnt work. £45 wasted.


Six days no and still no response to my ticket no. Starting to think that its being ignored shameful customer service.