Can't play DLC characters even though I bought them a long time ago

I just started to play evolve and I cannot play Behemoth, Slim, Torvald, Lennox etc. even though I bought the DLC’s a long time ago. Is this happening to anyone else?

What platform are you on?

You also need to ‘connect’ to their multiplayer servers in order to have them unlocked as well as the latest patch. Connecting with your My2K account is not enough. Just click multiplayer and it should open up them.


I bet you are on psn. It was having some issues today. Whenever that happens, you might not be able to play dlc characters or choose dlc skins.

Just remember that and be a bit more patient next time. The dlc will come back soon enough. :wink:

Yeah I just got it back. I get these periods of absolute horrid Internet at my house. This one lasted a whole week and I was trying to see if anyone else had an issue. Thanks man