Can't open maps & no gas bar, no nothing



So I started playing like a few days ago with my friends and I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but nothing showed up. It was just this plain screen that can’t do anything. So does anybody know how to turn the hp bar and the map back on?


That looks like the Markov tutorial. I just tired it right now and didn’t get this to occur, but you should at least have the first waypoint. If you have a video before the issue happens that would help us out a lot, and thanks for the info.


Before the issue it was fine. Even when playing HUNT with friends it happened like this. The only thing is when I was playing the game and it froze my whole laptop so I force restarted it and when I opened the game again this issue occurred.


Ok thanks I will try some things out and see what I can found on our end.


Can you also Verify Game Cache and see if that solves the problem?