Can't move after freed from trap plant



It’s kinda weird, played as Caira and got caught by a trap plant. A Support freed me right after, but can’t move afterwards. Had to left the game. Hopefully my team got a good bot.


Do you remember which map you were playing on and the relative location of the plant on the map?

Any more information will help the Devs find the problem! Did you happen to take a screenshot or were recording when this occurred?

@FernArt @dysa72


Dang, I forgot to take the screenshot. Location… I never pay attention to them. uuu

I think north east in a rather round and bright map. Maybe either Distillery or Wraith Trap


Probably Distillery if you said it was bright; was there snow?

Wraith Trap
Has that giant circle area in the middle with a Wraith trapped inside it, and a giant area with like a helipad.

Has the rivers that flow south on the map from the caves in the north. It snows there, too.


Ill take a look at this. Most likely I will need to know exactly where this happened so if you see this again please respond to this thread. If there was snow on the map it was Distillery if it was desert it was Wraith Trap.


No snow. Yeah, possibly Wraith Trap.


Ok ill start there. Thanks :grin: