Can't Login Mobile?


I had logged out of the forums on mobile and cant get back in. I put in the correct password and username, being very meticulous to make sure every letter and number was correct, yet i keep getting “UNKNOWN ERROR” and keep getting rejected. Any solutions to this? Turning my phone off and on doesnt work, so dont give me that :stuck_out_tongue:


Try signing in with your email.


i have, also no good


Uh. That’s all I got. Never log off then. Never


What browser are you using on your mobile?

Also is the title meant to be ‘Can’t login mobile’?


Safari on IPhone 5s

yes, i fix


Have you tried deleting the Browser Cache?

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on Safari.
  • Now scroll all the way to Clear History and Website Data

Or you can go under “Advanced” and try to find the ones specifically for the TRS Forums and delete them.


i think thats what caused it actually. Browser was running slowly so i cleared all of that then couldnt log back in


Well that doesn’t make a lick of sense then :confused:


Did you accidentally delete something?


nope. I wish i knew what this “unknown error” was. When that pops up after i hit login, it doesnt really give me any help to figure it out


@codinghorror @Sam @techAPJ

Having trouble logging in and receiving an unknown error. Are you able to see a problem on your end?


@Shunty what login method are you using?


I’m using the automated one from my Yahoo email. I don’t know what @atrinoch is using.


As in username/password auth? or clicking the yahoo button? if clicking yahoo button can you try logging in with username/password (you can just hit I forgot password to get a new one)

What mobile are you using?


I’m sorry, I don’t think I made this clear, I’m not having issues @Atrinoch is.


Im using safari on IPhone 5s
All im doing is putting in my Username and Password the same as i do on my computer and it says “Unknown Error.” Thats about all i have for you.