Can't login (Could not connec to Evolve profile service)


This happened 2 days ago and the only thing that worked was reinstalling the game (for a day) now it’s back again. Any suggestions or aid I can get?

No options in steam fix this as far as I’m aware.


I have the same problem as you. It happened 2 days ago too. I think we have to wait.



same issue here. I have yet to try reinstalling the game, but i dont think it will help. I tried deleting those two cache files in game dir, i restarded pc and router, turned off firewall, verified game cache… Nothing helps. It just comes and goes… Ive been playing for a week now, and some days it works fine other days it doesnt work whole day, and then it randomly starts working without me doing anything… I also find it pretty damn annoying that they dont publish(ex in game window, like that for a free skin) or put it in a very visible place(i cant seem to find it on forum) the maintenance schedule for when the servers are down. Its hard to find anything really on this forum, for example, i still dont know the day of hero rotation(note, ive been playing for a week). Ive got a ton to say whats wrong with game menus, ex. how could there not be a scroll option for viewing hero levels so that u know what u get at certain levels, why can i only view hero skills when im picking heroes before i start playing the match(and then esc when i play) but this things are not for this thread…

Sincerely, Andrej