Can't load any game on XboxOne D:


I’m trying to play online but I get stuck in loading for more than five minutes and my internet is working fine, please help, I want to try the new patch( today will be my first day playing with the new patch) but I can’t


Have you tried shutting the XBone completely off for a couple minutes and then turn it back on?


I’ll try that


Xbox live is having issues right now, the same thing is happening to me and my friends.


Yeah, I’m hearing Xbox live troubles.


That works to :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok then, at least I got that clear, thank you guys for informing me


Happening to me too. I finally got a game after like ten minutes of waiting and constantly restarting my XBOX


So, I’m still not able to get in a game on xbox. Is xbox live down across the board or just for evolve?

It looks like I’m online just fine. I simply can’t find a game.


Yeah, Xbox Live was so bad earlier… :S


I can’t get in either…


I just joined a game, I think it’s already fixed