Cant join game after disconnect, please fix ASAP

Ok, I really love evolve, I truly do, but lets be honest - the game crashes or disconnects every 3-4 games. Now, during hunt 2.0, when someone disconnects or crashes, they cant join back in, WTF!? Please fix this asap, so your friends can join on you during a match of 2.0, when there is an open slot, instead of having a dumb f**king bot lose the game for you and you lose 200 points.
end rage


There already is a way to join after disconnect. It’s just a bit more complex than it should be.

uhm… please feel free to share this special perk of rejoining games please…

Invite them back…

yeah…and how exactly do you do that?
there is no option in the steam overlay when in game

In-game pause menu.