Can't invite players to play with you


I will not be adding people onto my steam friends-list.
That means, I can’t actually play with anyone, even if we set up to do so.

You better fix this, or this game is completely dead to me. Likely not going to play until this is fixed.
I really don’t understand how you could launch this beta without giving a way for people to play with others, in “pre-made” groups.


So what’s the problem?

If you won’t add anyone on your steam friends list, you can’t play in a premade unless you get invited, or join their game.


The problem is that I can’t invite anyone to my game, nor can I be invited into anyone’s game.

How was that not clear?


Probably because you refuse to add anyone your steam friends list, or the lobby is invite only and nobody invited you.

Also it wasn’t clear because you said you refuse to add anyone on your steam list, which means you can’t play in premades. You literally answered your own question. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he means that he wants an ingame “friends” system.

So for example you can add contacts and invite them to matches or be invited to matches without the hassle of Steam friendslisting and all that.

Or maybe a recent players list?

I think it’d be cool, but I doubt they’ll bother.


Holy shit, it wasn’t a question.
There was not a single question mark in the OP, nor was any of the sentences structured as a question.

Yes, what is needed is to either add by nick, or a separate in-game “friends” list.


Maybe you could hold a vote?

I don’t think they will do it because the vast majority of players would just prefer using Steam, I think. But who knows?


Well you didn’t describe it well. You described it as a bug because you said ‘this should be fixed’, and you didn’t give any suggestion, yet you give an atitude to me for not getting it? You didn’t even put it into the correct category, but whatever, I’m out of this thread.