Can't hear Bucket's UAV as monster


Playing on Xbox One and I have discovered that Bucket’s UAV is totally silent to the monster. I remember during alpha and beta I was able to hear it make some noise when it got close by. I have played several different matches over the past few days where a bucket has tagged me with the UAV and there was no sound at all.


I don’t ever remember there being any sound coming from Bucket’s UAV?


It definitelly is doing flying sound and you should be able to hear it.


I haven’t ever been able to hear it as monster since launch. I didn’t even know the monster was supposed to hear it.


During closed beta it was, IMO, a little too audible as the monster. they may have lowered the volume a bit too much for launch?


It’s still the same for me, I am on PC.


I know, for sure, that I heard it earlier, when I was on Kraken. I can’t tell you how close it was, but I started swatting at it as soon as it buzzed my head.


I hear it, but only if there is nothing going on.


I haven’t been able to hear it since the alpha/beta. I have a high end sound system as well so the sound was either nerfed a lot or its buggy.


I’ve also had this issue on Xbox1. Used to be able to hear the UAV during the alpha/beta, can’t anymore.


I have no probs making it louder if they lowered the lock-on time. As it is, given terrain and any slight movement losing it, the sound would probably make it all but useless for any monster that knows how it works