Can't get Megamouth Buff?

PC, hunt mode, EU. Wraith Trap.

I was just in a game where I had taken the nomad buff, followed by the crowbill buff… in the last relay fight was given time as Jack to snipe at a Megamouth from range knowing it was elite. I killed it and went to claim my kill.

Despite pressing the key to get the buff I never got it, and continued to not get it. The megamouth decayed extremely quickly, I believe it was because reavers were eating it.

So maybe it’s not a bug, if reavers are eating something do they stop you being able to pick up the buff even though they’re not attacking you? It feels like you should be able to get the buff as long as it’s in play regardless of what’s happening to the corpse.

Pretty sure you can’t get the buff if Reavers are eating it.

I’d say that visually something needs to make it clear that the thing is being eaten, rather than (for example) you simply not being close enough to grab the buff. By the time you’ve faffed going “Uh, why can’t I get it” the body is eaten, and the reavers don’t give a shit about you even shooting the corpse while it’s being eaten.

Could definitely use a QoL tweak if it’s not a bug.

Wait, Reavers can eat things? Any videos of it happening, and is it a unique animation?