Cant get into MP


After beeing away for a while im back again and i will stay here for a good while. However i never got a rank and therefore my rank is still beeing decided. However it seems all other players have managed to get into silver and gold already which means i cant get a mp match and cant get a rank to increase the chance of playing against others. Any idea what i can do? Ive been in queue for 15 min multiple times without succes.

EDIT: Im located in Finland and im playing on a PC



I think it would help if we could know where you are located in the world and on what platform you are playing the game?


Im located in Finland and play on a pc


Hmmm, sadly the majority of the playerbase seems to lean more towards unranked gameplay at this moment, however hopefully in June/July we’ll see people come back for TU09, so there might be more ranked then!


As @ToiletWraith said before, Quickplay is the way to go these days. Although I recommend befriending anyone you meet along the way so it is easier to join into any game or perhaps go together with some people in ranked (especially as a Hunter).

Also check out the following page: and try to play when the player peak is the highest, you’ll get a better chance during those times to get some ranked games.

I usually play ranked during the weekend when there are the most people on and that seem to have worked most of the time. Rest of the time I go QP :slight_smile:


The playerbase is low ATM, so not many players will be playing Evolve. Most who do are going to be in Customs with friends.

Because PB is so low not many people will be on Ranked, so Quickplay is your best bet at finding games. You’re going to have to tough out the skill difference. TU9 is going to (hopefully) bring up the playerbase.