Cant get griffin skin


So I have been playing evolve for the past couple days and no matter what I do it won’t give me the blood eagle skin If anyone knows what’s happening please let me know I even went as far as buying him but still have nothing to show for it


You should get the skin after the event is over on 18th July. :wink:


Yeah I could do that but I would always take the free skin vs having to spend hard work ( keeps crashing whenever host rage quits )


You only need to long on to get the skin, you should have it by Thursday. :smile:


You’ll get it for free once the event is over don’t worry. As Parham said, event skins are usually given out by the Thursday after the event at the latest. So between Monday and Thursday you should get it. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks guys really relieved that I’ll be getting it I thought it was one of those get it in an instant kind of gigs but I’ll just have to be patient.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: