Can't get daily rewards?


I’m playing hunt with 4 other friends and none of us can get our daily rewards. Is this a bug or am I to understand that I can’t get awards when playing coop?


Is one of you the monster at all?


yes its a full group of friends.


That’s probably why, it’s set that way to prevent the farming of Keys.


so I can’t enjoy the game with my friends because that makes me a farmer. Why even make it coop with 5 players. That makes no sense at all. Just make it 4 player coop against a random player.


If you and 3 friends party up and play as hunters, you’re golden. It’s the additional person in your party playing as monster that’s the issue.


so I should tell one of my friends that they can’t play with us because we can’t have daily rewards. How is that fair? we typically play and rotate the monster as the game is designed with preference and selection in mind.


Unfortunately people that would take advantage of the system are to blame. It sucks but that’s how it is.


so your going to punish everyone for what a few may do. And its really not going to make a difference anyways people will find away around it. The only response you can give me is tough. Your game is going to fail again because your not listening to your players who want to enjoy the game.


That’s how a lot of things are in gaming. Most people won’t try to break the rules or cheat the system, but the few who do can potentially ruin the game for the majority. Unfortunately you’ll have to go 4 man if you want the daily rewards, but after that you can go 5 man all you want.


But its not going to prevent people from exploiting the game.


I didn’t say it would.


that’s dumb, you are basically punishing people for having more than 3 friends. i would understand if you could trade your keys with other players but you cant, its just making it take longer to lvl our characters


The why prevent people from playing with there friends and enjoying the game as its supposed to be 4v1. If its not going to change or prevent people from exploiting the game. Its pointless.


You can’t solve every problem. But the best a dev can do it try and prevent as much as possible. People are smart and thus will find ways to get around the problem, but if you’re really wanting to play with 4 friends, then go ahead. You just won’t be getting the bonus silver keys.


Then the devs should have made it so you can ONLY invite 3 other friends. Or limit the amount of Daily awards you can get. Instead of saying screw you because you have to many friends.


agreed, come up with a system to make it balanced not just say you cant do that because we dont think you should thats how you loose customers


There are custom games for a reason. So you can play together and choose settings. If the daily rewards thing is that much of a problem for you, well then I can’t help you.


I didn’t ask for your help I asked if it was meant to be this way. That was answered now I’m asking the devs to look into changing that for people who want to play with 5 friends.


i would just like to know the reason for the complete block of the daily rather than try and make a system that made it work with all game modes regardless of the amount of people you have