Cant get a match - Matchmaking stucks - Or Lobby is full (TRS is looking into issue)



I cant get a match everytime when I search it just look like this, anyone else with this issue as well?
This screen will stay forever then if I dont abort it.

When I try to join with my gf it says very very often Lobby is full and someone of us drops out.


Our QA and our Network teams are looking into these issues!


I got the same problem just now. Waiting for details or a fix.
I pre-ordered this game and I have to say I love the game more than ever keep up the good work!


Nice to see that you are aware of this issue. Thanks for the great update.


Ran into this problem several times. Almost every time it happens I notice this spectator icon on the right side with player’s name on it, like lobby tried to fill the game with 6+ players. It’s there for a split second or longer and search is stuck till I back out and requeue.


Indeed, thanks for posting about some problems within a party:

  • The “lobby full” problem, where it kicks certain players out of their group when searching for a game, and fills slots with random people

  • The monster problem, where it gives someone in the party the monster slot, even though they’re grouped


Hi, I hope this bug gets looked at with high priority!
It is so frustrating to want to play this game and not be able to because of a bug that should have been fixed ages ago.

This is not what this game needs.
If evolve is to stay popular then silly bugs like this need to be fixed ASAP!
Or people will stop playing it.


Hi there, this bug is a top priority for us and we share your frustration. Unfortunately the ‘player found’ and “lobby full” issues didn’t rear their ugly heads until we had a massive amount of people searching for a game. In our internal testing this had not happened but rest assured we are working on it and hope to have a fix soon for you all.