Can't find players for Quick Play, getting timed out [PS4]


Hi all.

This never happened before, so I just wanted to check, if the DEVs or somebody else knows more about this. When I search for players for Quick Play I repeatedly get a popup saying “Attention, You do not have a network connection. Please check your network cables and configuration and try again.”

Edit: This is going on for about 30 minutes now.


Finally found a game now. Was displaying “Player found” way too long in my opinion thou.


What region are you in?


Europe. Just now I was kicked out of a match.
“Attention, The connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists.”

Round 3/3 of Arena. Too sad :frowning:

Edit: Don’t have a connection popup coming up again…


What country are you in? (just out of curiosity)


The best :smiley: Germany^^


Haha, Champion of World Soccer huh, you might have beaten the Belgians in football, but we’ll see when it comes to Beer :wink:


Damit. Game won’t let me play Multiplayer. Maybe I stick with Solo Play for a while… Gonna have to get familiar with all the maps anyways…


What’s your Internet connection like?


I can download 1.3 MB/s. Never had these issues with Evolve before.


Can you check if you are able to load the in-game store page?


Do you usually play at this time?


Usually do, right after work :slight_smile: I’m using my McBook for the forums now. Ping is fine too. And Playstation Network test comes back with good results too.


I can load the store page just fine. I went to library and then used the shortcut from there.


Kinda sad, since I just bought season pass 2 yesterday.


Library? As in the console store page? Just want to make sure that the in-game store page loads properly as well (as they connect to different servers I believe).


Yea the library of all installed games and applications.


What’s your NAT type?


Type 2 /10char


Is there any way for you to open it to 1?