Cant find monster game


Hey turtle rock, i finished my placement matches and am in silver elite at this time as monster. But i cannot find any games anymore, ive been searching for hours, i leave and research and no games. but when i switch to hunter and search, i find a game within a minute. Feels like my game is bugged :frowning:


Which platform are you in?


In my pre-made we have a solid monster who plays hunter with us and monster in his off time. He complained of the same issue lastnight. He said he could queue up, take a shower, eat dinner, then come back and still not have a match.

This was on PC.


I cant find a monster game in pc. But with hunters its faster, i cant understand this.


I haven’t found a single monster game yet!!! It’s breaking my heart :sob::broken_heart:


This is making me so frustrated I’m on ps4 btw

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Still not a single game…


Same here. Probably waited in que more then 4+Hours and not a single monster game. Can’t even get one placement match. :confused: . Hunter que works fine tho. I just wish i could play monster. :\