Can't Find Match (Xbox)


My full group of 4 can’t find a game anymore on Xbox One and it’s become frustrating. Love this game and really want to keep playing, just finished my last hunter elite (yay me!).

For the last two weekends my team, a group of 4 hunters, can’t get into a match of any kind (skirmish/evac). Co-Op has been our only option which has become boring-- we want a challenge!.

In the end we matchmake for around 45 min to 1 hour then give up-- we change hosts every ~10 minutes, and hard reset our routers/Xboxes occasionally (resets seemed to help in the past) but no luck.

One player has moderate NAT, the rest are open-- this does not seem to affect anything else.

We are able to enter games individually through the week, and can even find games with 3 people but trying to group up with all 4 of us on weekends to participate in the challenges is impossible.

I don’t want to give up on this, and neither do they, but we can’t play with people! Anybody have any tips/tricks? All the posts on this I could find were old (around launch week). So are we the only ones having issues? Are there no more monsters on Xbox anymore?


Hey there, I play monster all the time and if you guys want a monster player I should be available this weekend. If your interested just send me a PM and we can discuss play times.

And with the bug, it could possibly the one friend with moderate NAT, also it’s just generally accepted that it’s much harder to find games with 4 players. Honestly it’s easier to just find a large group of Evolve players and do custom games.


It’s a little comforting knowing we aren’t the only group of 4 stressing over this.

Seems we need to hold out until they decide to include a “play as monster” option into the matchmaking…

I’ve tried to help my friend fix his NAT, but he doesn’t have access to the router (odd living arrangements I guess…)

We have odd schedules that line up at inconsistent times, and our Medic is out of town this weekend, but next time we’re together and matchmaking fails I’ll be on the forums looking for monsters. Thanks for the reply!