Can't find game


can’t find any players, game, leaderboards don’t even load up. It’s not my internet i can find games on dying light and gta V.


what platform? Havin issues here as well… Xbone


Not sure if you mean at this moment or in general, but if you mean this moment, are you playing on Xbox? Because it seems like Live is down.


on xbox yes and atm


Can’t find game either thought I was only one Xbox one btw


Yeah, I think Live isn’t working. My friend and I were playing and he got kicked from the game, followed by myself and another guy not too long after. Haven’t been able to get into a match since and I can’t even view my friends list. Just been playing custom solo since.


how long since y’all got kicked?


Live is up for me can play cod fine


btw this is quite ridiculous, live would never go down until this next generation console war and the spiked efforts of assholes trying to prove they can take down the service…


This sucks I just want to play evolve


I cant connext either… its driving ne crazy cause i just bought the game 2 hours ago…


Wow they got to fix these servers


@MacMan plz notify devs


if its an issue with live then the dev can’t do anything, btw xbox support is also down


Crap this sucks


Xbox Live is down. This sucks.


Why must peopl take down servers


just joined a game of Battlefield… workin fine. Are we sure this is Xbone related?


Glad it is not only me. However I thought this was a precursor to getting my progress wiped. Thankfully it is not. I’d rather deal with this than start over.


can anyone on xbox from this forum post if they find a game please.