Can't find a game on PC


Surprised there’s no topic on this…
For a while now (at least few weeks) I can’t find any online games, it just searches forever. Anyone else with this problem?


If that occurs just reinitiate the queue.


I tried, even restarted the game, still can’t find a game.


Odd… what mode are you searching in?




Well if you’re searching in Evacuation it can take a bit to find a game. No clue what would be the issue behind not finding a Hunt game. What region are you in?


Switch your region in Steam settings


Odd. I don’t think region matters at all. If it can’t find any games in your current region I believe it’ll just search after games in adjacent regions.

I’m on PC and I haven’t had a problem finding a game.


Might depend on what time zone you play in. And what time it is.
Ive been struggling to find matches with 4 or more people in, which is sad. Hoping hunt2.0 will solve this


Switch your region, yes. I’ve been using US Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, etc. No issues finding games.

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