"Cant evolve here something in your way"


Any good reason to keep this in the game? why cant it just automatically reposition you slightly into the right spot to make it less annoying and to make the overall gameplay feel smoother


It’s too keep you from clipping into the wall if I recall correctly.


Cant it just automatically reposition you until your in the map?


No, that would require the engine to remember your last position and move this massive complex being a great some distance. Talk about tasking.


bleh never did like cry engine


It’s get its problems.


I tried the demo omg it was terrible…working with the engine also opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of the problems in evolve are the engines fault


I thought the Cryengine was one of the best if not the best?


Hardly any games use it that should say enough…the big dogs are frostbite and unreal


Yea I heard frostbite better, could those 2 run evolve with less issues in your opinion?


Impossible to say too many variables but likely


Is it really too difficult to just take a step back yourself?


Actually i don’t understand why they used cryengine in particular…
@MacMan could you answer why, please?


I think its because cry engine had the detailed foliage for the monster to hide in


Yeah, I’ve never had this problem. XD


The problem is that it could reposition you next to hostile wildlife, into acid, or expose you.


Yeah, I’d rather choose my position than let the game choose it for me.


reposition you 2mm until your in the map lol


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