Can't even play a full match


the game keeps crashing in the middle of a match, making it impossible to even play it. please will a dev or sometone help. it’s happened 3 times in a row someone help i just wanna play the game.


What platform and do you get a message of any sort when you crash? Or does it sort of just seize up?


thank you i play on PC but the game keeps giving me the dxgi device error and i posted to the forum thing but this bug has happened 3 TIMES IN A ROW. all i want to do i play the game and i’ve never had this much of a problem from a game. i can’t even complete a match.


What kind of error is it giving you? Device hung? Device removed? Device reset?


Has @MrStrategio gotten back to you on the issue yet? I feel like hes the one who could help you as hes been getting reports of it from multiple people


I’m getting the dxgi_hung device error. and no i posted it a few minutes ago since i’ve been getting it for a while but just recently was it happening alot.