Can't eat bodies because they vanish


I was paling as the wraith and the other team had lazarus so I was making it my goal to down people and eat the body. The problem was that when I would down and then kill someone the body would vanish. No one would be shooting me and I still couldn’t eat or find the body to eat. At one point I just gave up looking for them and camped the spots where they should be. I was dropping super novas and just randomly slashing over that spot so lazarus wouldn’t revive them. Then 300m away I see three health bars even though I was guarding the spot where I killed two people.

anyone else have the vanishing bodies for monster glitch.


I have experienced this bug frequently, even when Lazarus wasn’t in the match or there were no wildlife near the corpses to eat the bodies. They just instantly disappear.


Me, but just with wildlife.


the bodies decay turn into dust fter a time limt and how big/smaill it is


i believe hunter bodies decay exceptionally fast.

if the body hasnt decayed its most likely because the support is cloaking the revive happening under your nose.


There are multiple things that could’ve happened:

1: The bodies fell through the map. This happens, I’ve seen multiple complaint posts about this by Lazarus players. This would also mean that Laz cannot revive them.
2: The bodies flew across the map. Again, there’s a thread on these forums about this happening (they even call Laz useless because of it). This would mean Laz can revive them in the new location. I believe the corpses are highlighted if the player equips the Lazarus device. I’m not sure about this though as I never play Lazarus.
3: Support cloaked. Making everyone invisible nearby. This would allow for a Lazarus to sneak in and revive while you’re looking for the body. It’s not clear to me how long you’ve left the bodies alone but a Laz revive takes less than a second.
4: The bodies decayed, but since one person was back alive already this means you’ve been camping those bodies for a quite long time or there already was a dropship inbound (if you’re bleeding out, you can choose to instantly die and respawn on the dropship when it’s about to come)


It happened multiple times throughout the match. There was one time I didn’t leave two bodies alone that I downed next to each other because I thought that somehow Lazarus might have snuck buy me the first few times.

I’m guessing the bodies teleported because I was standing where I killed them randomly slashing, dropping super nova and smelling to make sure Lazarus wouldn’t come nearbke. About s minuite and a half later all of the bodies were revived a few hundred Away from me

I was never guarding bodies because I couldn’t see them, I was guarding the spots they were when i killed them, the spot they should be.They weren’t cloaked because the cloak would wear off in the time I was standing by them.