Cant connect to servers


Heya guys I cant seem to connect to the servers I keep getting the message "you do not have a network connection. Please check your network cables and configuration and try again. im playing evolve on a ps4 I live in new Zealand, im running fibre internet. ive unplugged my router and done the same for my ps4 ive turned off my firewall I don’t know what else to do. any suggestion would be helpful. would love to play multiplayer but sadly cant :frowning:


I live in New Zealand as well and am having the exact same issue on pc…I’ve tried literally everything so far and still no fix in sight. Let me know if you have any success in fixing this, I need help as well :frowning:


Same issues here on xbox one and in New Zealand too


Is Evolve the only game this happens to?


Yes, I can play any other online game in my library just fine, except for Evolve…


Hi, I’m in New Zealand playing on PS4, I am having this same issue. All my other online games work fine


This seems to be an issue for just New Zealanders? All of my Australian friends have no issues…what’s going on here, Turtle Rock…


I got into a few games tonight, but they were all American servers. My guess is that there is not enough local servers and we are being diverted to America instead. Also, matchmaking took forever, and was near impossible to play with my friend online. One of us would keep disconnecting. I loved what I played, but not enough to jump through so many hoops to actually get into a game. I think I’m going to return it. Especially after having a public alpha and beta and the game still won’t work!