Can't connect to my2k


Hello. I have a problem. Long time ago i bought Evolve. I needed to create my2k accout and I have done it. But I cannot confiremed the verification email because I just can’t enter m2k page. It’s not loading on my computer or anybady in my home. The game was still working so I thinked I could just play it. But after some time I got this “Status - A connection to my2K cannot be established. Online profile and my2k features will not be accessible.” After long time I verificate my accout by using school computer. But I still have the same error. Can anybody tell me if I can do anything whith it? (Also sorry for my bad english).


Try filing a support ticket with 2K. Unfortunately I’m not sure TRS can do much for you.

Please keep us updated!


Can’t open page. It’s probably something with my internet.


Where are you from? It seems like 2K sites are blocked for some reason.


I’m from Poland.


Also I don’t know why but I can enter my2k on school computer as I was saying before.


Have you owned a 2K game before?


Can you try to submit a ticket next time you’re in school?


Yea I’m going to try. Thanks a lot for help.


No but after Evolve I recently bought X COM Enemy Unknown.


Ok, are you having any issues with that game? Troubles loging in?


I don’t need to log in when I’m playing it. It’s working normal.


Ok, just checking. Trying to rule out somethings.


Can you connect to the in-game store page? Have you linked your My2K account already to the game as well? (Main Menu - Extras - Link My2K)


It says that i must be connected to link or unlink my account.


Just out of curiosity, but is Steam in online or offline mode? And is your PC connected to your router by cable?


Steam is online and yes my pc is connected to router by cable.


Is your Steam account Polish and did you buy the game from the same region? Also, have you opened your PORTS and NAT type?