Can't Connect to 2k Servers?


Been trying to get in a few games for the gold skins and every time it says that I can’t connect to 2k. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I know it is super cliche, but try exiting the game and coming back in. Outside of maintenance periods, that always fixes it when it happens to me.


It’s so funny, after having server issues (ladder) there is an other issue, where you can’t connect :wink: TRS are really killing it with evolve!


Tried it with no success. Here are the exact words if it helps at all.
“A connection to my2k could not be established. Online profile and my2k features will not be accessible.”


This is on PS4 too if that’s important to mention.


Desperate bump before weekend ends >.<


Can’t connect all day long… Getting annoying, can anyone fix it?

Says I can’t connect to my 2k account.


Looks like my account finally reactivated. -.-