Can't Catch food!


With wraite, I can’t catch food without either using a ability or warping, I couldn’t eat fast enough to make this monster viable. Its crazy!!!


It’s a wildlife bug and it’s already been logged and will be fixed in 2.08 patch…


Hope it really is patch at 2.08…
Because the life of a Wraith is hard enough, and Wraiths starve to dead every day because thouse roadrunner moskitos ate tons of cocain.



I’m trying wraithe will all speed buffs, see what happens :slight_smile:


Rabid wildlife just looks so much cooler


now we feel how is the frustration of wile e coyote really like


On all speed buffs Wraith is on steroids!!
Can definitely catch wildlife.


the hotfix claim it fix the wildlife thi… obviouuly it didnt.
hope they really fix it at 2.08


Icrieverytime when I try to catch striders as wraith. FeelsBadMan


I thought it was a “me” problem. Nice to know it is not.


I like to clarify that i am nor a mosquito nor did i ever used, ate, or in any other way came in contact with cocain.
(or any other drugs)

Well except alcohol, but like i´m from Belgium, home to some of the worlds best beers and chocolate, omg sweet sweet chocolates.


Do they look like this in the game? Never noticed the amount of detail.


Yup :slight_smile:


Wow, those things look more horrifying than I ever imagined. Like…nasty little bat-gremlins.


Ya, too much moving in the game to show off the cool art :slight_smile:


Here a match of me starving
You could say what ever about how bad I am.
But If i was able to catch thouse roadrunners, I would be able to waste less time and run away for longer, and I would be able to evolve faster

So Im starving.


I used to feel kind of bad about eating them because I thought they were these tiny fairly harmless monkey things.

NEVER AGAIN! I will devour EVERY ONE of those little monsters with no regrets!


Meals on wheels I call them. Kill one and the others (At stage 1 at least) come towards you to help feed you. They are offering their souls willingly!