Can't buy the season pass, as it's "already installed"


So yeah, can’t purchase the season pass from the xbox store or in game store. It just tells me I have it already since i have the magma skins.
Also, I purchased evolve digitally, does this mean I have Behemoth or did I have to pre-purchase it digitally to unlock Behemoth?


If you have the magma skins, then don’t you already have the Hunting Season Pass? Behemoth came with pretty much every pre-order version, digital or otherwise, but only with pre-orders - otherwise you have to buy him separately.


The magma skins came with the digital download, I think. I definitely got the Goliath magma skin with it, not sure about the others. But I’m 90% sure I hadn’t yet bought the pass.


If it came with the Magma skins it must have been the digital deluxe edition which includes the Hunting Season Pass.


It was 50 pound (no pound sign, american keyboard) sure that version was more expensive. And if I had the season pass shouldn’t I be able to play as t4 hunters? Since it’s after 12GMT/5PDT/8EST which is when they where supposed to “unlock” for XB1 users.


It’s actually 7:35 EST. Some stuff hasn’t unlocked yet. There’s no other way to get the Magma skins than with the Hunting Season Pass afaik. It doesn’t technically release until tomorrow anyway, so anything not working today should be live by tomorrow.


7:35pm 30th march? So 11:30 gmt?


I dunno what it is everywhere, but it’s like ten minutes to 8 EST.


Well according to google 8 est is 00:00 tuesday, 50 minutes ago. So since everyone is waiting til 1am I’m guessing its all got something to do with daylight savings. Thanks for you replies mate.

However I am still unable to buy the season pass I am pretty sure I don’t have!


Daylight savings time in the states.