Can't buy sandstone behemoth skin PS4


I don’t know if its just me or a few ppl, but it only shows recommendation and overview

and it doesn’t show the pricing

for ps4 btw

i don’t know if this will help, but i bought the digital version <.< maybe that affects the store?


I just made sure, it seems the jade behemoth skin icon isnt even showing in my evolve view all add ons, on playstation store >.> soo yeah


Ok i found out that to be able to access the jade skin i have to keep clicking icons and if im lucky the jade skin will appear in recommendations, but i still cannot see the goliath tiger skin,

i still cannot buy the sandstone skin, it just has overview and recommendations and is still not showing the price,

don’t know if its ps store or my own console or 2k glitching?

does anyone else have this problem, on ps4 see if you can buy the sandstone skin plz


Somebody help him please, I feel bad seeing him talking to himself

Side note: I’m xbox so I can’t help :<


is that someone else? or is it just another head me? :confounded:


behemoth player here dont waste your money on sandstone


Honestly yeah… I bought it. It looks EXACTLY like the normal skin. Just a tiny bit darker, with a blue tongue and blue eyes. But the tongue isn’t blue when you tongue grab, only in certain angles is it blue. Really pretty lame. I like jade skin though.