Can't Alt+Tab out of game window


I don’t know if it is a design decision, but when running the game in full-screen, you can’t seem to Alt+Tab out of the game.

The only way I can get it to work is to Shift+Tab to open Steam, and then Alt+Tab to access the desktop.

Makes it a challenge doing streaming, or getting friends on a skype call to invite them to the game, or whatever.


Borderless windowed? Because I can alt tab out of that but it minimizes the game which is also a problem for me.


From my experience using Fullscreen mode, I can Alt-Tab fine. However, if the issue doesn’t go away, I’d recommend you set your game to the “Borderless Windowed” option in video settings. Makes it a whole lot easier if you have multiple monitors like myself.


I have dual monitors setup as well.

And Yes, I have it set to Fullscreen.
I will try Borderless Windowed and see if that fixes it. I don’t mind if it loses focus or whatever, just want to get the hWnd control to a different window if needed


Borderless Windowed mode keeps me from going insane from Alt-Tabbing in/out of games; I use it any game that has the feature.


I will second this. ALT+TAB just does not work.


It’s working here. Does the issue persist after reboot of game and/or computer?


Yes. It didn’t work in Alpha, Beta or full release in Fullscreen mode.


Really odd.

What about windows key + M
Ctrl+escape alt+escape windows key + D



Yes, please! This is by far the most pointless implementation of “borderless window mode” I have seen. It isn’t a window if it minimizes when ever it loses focus.