Can't access the ingame store, my purchased content is locked


Hello! I recently noticed that after a round of Defend while playing as behemoth that he and the other hunters that I had purchased were locked. Now I am unable to play as the Behemoth and the new hunters (both of which I paid for) as well as losing some of their emblems. My platform is PS4 and the issue occured around 12:38 EST. Does anyone have any advice or a way to resolve this issue?


Were you online at the time? If you were then it might have been a 2K server issue.


I was online at the time. I’ve since tried rebooting it but I’m still encountering the same issue.


I would submit a ticket to 2K support:

I am on now and not having the same issue (X1).


Yeh same here on ps4. I can “download” the hunters for free but it didn’t fix it. And I have to pay for Behemaouth apparently :(. Still have my progress though, thankfully!


I just submitted a ticket, hopefully this will get fixed soon.


just for reference I’ll post some pics


Have you tried unlinking then linking your my2k account. I lost my badges from the DLC (could have lost characters too but I didn’t check) and when I unlinked and relinked my my2k account it all came back.
Hope this helps.