Can't access preorder DLC


I was able to activate the code for the savage goliath skin and the monster expansion. Both are now under DLC for evolve in steam. However, when I play the game I am unable to customise my Goliath.I can’t even select the customise option. Steam shows me that they are both installed so why can’t I access them?

I also got another code with my preorder for Griffin, Bucket and Lazarus. When I used the code it showed me the extra hunters I’d be unlocking but after that they are still locked and they didn’t show up under DLC.


I also am having trouble access my DLC. I preordered on PS4, can anyone explain this phenomena?

PS4 doesn’t need keys for DLC right? How will I be able to access my material now? In game I can’t switch to kraken at all.

Let’s bump to get this issue address. For the price, the DLC should really work.


I’m having a similar problem, I pre-ordered for Xbox one on Amzazon, and Amazon still hasn’t sent me a code.
Help please!


The PS4 does need keys for DLC. It took mine for Collectors Edition physical and never gave me the chance to download them, there’s no link anywhere to download them, they don’t appear in my library, but they do appear in account management. I had access to the 4 hunters and goliath skin for a while, now it’s gone and nothing I can do to bring it all back. Waste of 20 quid CE.


Did you have beta access?

I just preordered the day before release. I can’t even play as any monster other then Goliath.


You are not alone, it appears to be a server issue with 2K. They’re working on a fix. Check this link: Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?

Hopefully we’ll see a resolution soon.


For Xbox tier three unlock, try this:

Other platforms, check with your retailer to see what the distribution method was for skins (usually a code), if that doesn’t work, submit a ticket with 2K Support (

Tier 3 Pre Purchase Xbox1

So we should address 2K with our issues for lack of access to DLC?


Strange. When I played evolve today suddenly everything was there. I was able to customize goliath and select the 2nd tier hunters. I wonder if it just takes a while for the DLC to activate on the game :confused:


I bought PC pre-order monster edition on steam. can i get exterminator skins? if no, there´s any way i can get them?